About The Builder

Rollins Housing has an outstanding track record in the field of construction. From building thousands of homes, apartments and condominiums for individual tenants and buyers, to constructing an entire chain of hotels, to building skyscrapers in New York City, Rollins is a name associated with quality, dependability and trust.

Officially launched from rather austere beginnings in 1955 by family patriarch Maurice Rollins, Rollins Housing has built homes in communities across eastern Ontario, in the United States, and as far afield as Lyon, France, two hours south of Paris. The company built hybrid commercial/residential projects in Calgary and 25 residences on permafrost in Frobisher Bay. Also in its portfolio is Ben Bleeker Auditorium in Belleville, the Trenton Fire Hall, and five local schools in the Quinte area.

Today, Rollins Housing is still a family affair with Maurice’s son Mark Rollins taking the lead at Ryerson Commons. He is particularly proud of the attention the company had paid to detail in the community and to ensuring the new construction is sympathetic to the design and character of the existing neighbourhood and, of course, to stately Victoria College, a designated Ontario heritage building. “It is very important to us that the design of Ryerson Commons is complementary to the historic location it occupies,” says Rollins. “It is prominently located at the terminus of College Street, a place that has played a vital role in the history and development of our province’s educational system. We’ve stayed true to the roots of this site and residents can be proud of the efforts we’ve all made to preserve the historical integrity of the Town of Cobourg.”