About Ryerson Commons

A proud past, a gloriously modern lifestyle

Set in the heart of historic Cobourg, Ryerson Commons offers contemporary living at its finest.  Choose from our spacious designs in the multi-level Egerton, or indulge yourself with one of our outstanding town homes with attached garages.  Within each you will find a level of quality and luxury unsurpassed in the local new homes marketplace.  Then take a walk outside on the beautifully landscaped grounds to find even more reasons to call Ryerson Commons your home.  Breathe in the history of Cobourg’s stately architectural jewel, Victoria College, located right on your doorstep. Enjoy a quick stroll down a few tree-lined blocks to Cobourg’s enchanting 19th century main street, luscious parks, beautiful lakeside promenade and white sand beaches. Discover how Cobourg’s elegant past and friendly small town ambience can blend seamlessly with the art of contemporary living – all waiting for you here at Ryerson Commons!

Pomp and Circumstance

Ryerson Commons takes its name from an important figure in Ontario’s past.  Born in 1803 of proud United Empire Loyalist parents, Egerton Ryerson was a preacher, a writer, a legislator and an educator.  He is famously credited with founding the public education system in Ontario, an achievement which today stands as his enduring monument.

Historic Victoria College presides regally on the grounds of Ryerson Commons as another monument to Ryerson’s vision. Named for a Queen whose “We are not amused” sensibilities defined an entire era, it was a degree granting university until 1892 when it was federated with the University of Toronto. Egerton Ryerson was its first president and his biblical philosophy “The truth shall make you free.” still echoes at Victoria College in Toronto where it is carved in stone above the main entranceway.

At Ryerson Commons today, freedom has taken on another meaning.  As a condominium adult lifestyle community nestled beside Victoria College, residents enjoy freedom from all the chores associated with home ownership.  While perhaps not as lofty as Egerton Ryerson’s philosophy, it’s a freedom from the worry of exterior home maintenance, snow removal and grass-cutting residents truly appreciate.  No doubt, even the hard to please Queen Victoria would be “amused.”